Saturday, November 1, 2008

Miss Holly Golightly

I absolutely love her! Almost everything about her I love. And I say almost very carefully because a few things make me cringe. I recently re-watched Breakfast At Tiffany's, which I highly recommend if you haven't seen it, and I particularly paid attention to her demeanor and her character this time a round. I love her wild, naive, free-spirited nature and how she's so aware of the little things around her but yet so oblivious to herself. I know, that sounds confusing but just go watch.

She's really easy to fall in love with, as Paul Varjak quickly found out.

So you ask, "what are the things that make you cringe?" Well, the fact that she was naive about how others felt about her and how she treated others just killed me, but it gets better. The fact that she runs from all her problems and forgets about them the next day, but it gets better. She building up all these feelings for an inevitable breakdown.

What else do I love about her? The fact that she sleeps with tasseled ear plugs, then answers the door and has a conversation with them in, oblivious to the fact that they are still in!! And then says, "Fred darling, what did you say?" How she keeps a nameless cat, but constantly lives as somebody she's really not. Lula May or Holly Golightly? She doesn't know....she just needs her weekly trip to Tiffany's and her nightly date to keep her "safe".

In the end she realized who she was, who she loved and why she loved. Really, she's quite the conundrum. But aren't we all? We all have our little quirks about ourselves that I'm sure, annoy the shit out of our significant others and family members. But those are the things that make us unique and in the end, why we love each other.

I'm still looking for my Holly Golightly.


Jenn said...

Because of your eloqent, insightful review, I now love myself more and you--But my cat has a name;-)

HBee said...

You are a girl. I'm kidding. But this was a fun post to read. I love Holly Golightly too!