Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday Traditions & Others

I know you have em. I do and I love traditions. Whether it be a holiday tradition, a birthday tradition or whatever you and your boys/girls do to "keep the tradition alive" thingy. Here are a few of mine:

  • Watch "Its a Wonderful Life" on Christmas Eve
  • Make the first cut on our Thanksgiving turkey
  • Bake and make the green bean casserole(my favorite dish) on Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Play Parcheesi with my mom and sister on Christmas Eve
  • Sing "Happy Birthday To Me" by The Vandals, to myself, on my birthday
  • Play golf on my birthday
  • Put the star on our Christmas tree
  • Go to Christmas Eve church service
  • Say a prayer before every road trip and flight
  • Send a rose to my mother, sister, and if i have a GF, on Valentines Day
  • Drink Guinness and only Guinness on St. Patricks Day
  • Watch Penn State play in their respective bowl game with my father
  • Grow a little beard for the Holidays(to stay warm ya know!)
  • Go fishing with my dad on Fathers Day
  • Spend the whole day with my mom doing whatever she wants to do on Mothers Day
  • Buy way too many groundflowers on the Fourth of July
  • Shoutout the 10 second countdown on New Years with all my closest friends
So what are some of your traditions?


KC said...

Well, my Thanksgiving tradition is to go out to my family's land, hike, climb, drink too much, and avoid the weird relatives. Haha... I'm sure you'll hear some more of mine laaaaaaaaaayyyyy-ter.

Happy Turkey Day, friend!

Jenn D said...

mom and i LOL'd at the greenbean cassorole and are looking forward to our roses since we will both prob still be single by feb!!!
but the trophy will go to me this year on parcheesi...lo siento mi hermano;-)

Far said...

very sweet that you give your sis and mom a rose.. my brothers suck!

HBee said...

I think a star is the only way to go for a Christmas tree topper.