Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Golf Camp & The Holidays

First things first. I told you so Kristin!! So there!! (tongue out)

I have been told lately by my real life friends and my blogger friends that I'm lacking on my posts and need to get on it.

So here we go.

I was talking to my Canadian friend Far and she suggested that I write about golf camp. So I said, what the hell, thats a good idea. So you ask yourself, "What is golf camp?" Is it a camp that you send your kids to for summer? Is it a camp over the weekend type of thingy? Actually no, its an accredited college/academy for us individuals who dream of becoming a golf professional or indulging into a career in the golf industry. Now that you know what it is you may ask, "Why, Edward(in honor of Twilight, but yes that's my name) do you call it golf camp?" Glad you asked.

For those who know me, you know the name of the academy but in respect to them I will leave their name out of this post. I simply call it golf camp because its simply a mickey mouse "school". Not that I have anything bad to say about this "school", I'm just not going to put it out there. Actually this "school" has been quite fun and I'm really glad I came here to pursue my passion of golf. I'll point out a few highlights/lowlights of this "school" and I'll be done with it and on to talk about more important things, the holidays!

  • Playing golf is a class(i know, easy)
  • Free golf at over 15 courses
  • Dealing with rich little kids who's mom and dad sent em away cuz they wont go to real college
  • Shaving every other day ( i despise it)
  • Sitting in a class where I know more than the instructor
  • Having to take a 7th grade computer class
  • Being stuck in a room with 30 dudes for 2 hours
I could go on but I wont. All in all, golf camp has been fun and its almost over. Onto the holidays.

I love the holidays. It's my favorite time of the year. Here's why:
  • Christmas Songs(i know they get old after a while but they getcha in the mood)
  • Smell of fall in the air
  • Brisk mornings(well only some here in Cali)
  • Leaves changing colors
  • Christmas parties
  • Ugly sweater parties
  • Traveling
  • Shopping
  • Christmas lights
  • Egg nog
  • Family time
  • Snow(again, only in cold climates)
  • Cranberry Bliss bars from Starbucks
  • Vacation
  • Kisses under the mistletoe
  • Kisses while not under the mistletoe
  • Celebrating Jesus' Birth
  • Christmas Trees
  • Stockings
  • Plaid scarfs
  • Last but not least......I get to wear sweaters everyday!!!
What do you love about the holidays?


HBee said...

I love all your favorite things about Christmas list. That's a very sweet list.

KC said...

Way to be, sir. Way to be. Come on, there's more you like about golf camp than 2 things.

I'd also like to point out that ED is not only your initials, but it also stands for Erectile Dysfunction. And I did point this out to you not too long after I met you. Yep. I'm cool like that.

Love and stuff!!

Shelley said...

Snow is only nice if you you are skiing/snowboarding... sledding (or tobogganing)... or sitting inside all cozy and warm. We've only had snow 3 days here in Wisconsin and I'm already wishing for spring.

Good list, though!

KC said...

#1. Thanks for the nice comment. We do need a "dress up" night soon. Maybe to see the Grinch? Hmm? Yeah?

#2. You said there would be multiple posts yesterday, and all I see here is this one. So there. I told YOU! ;-)

Far said...

ok so for some reason im only seeing this now boo... so how does one get into this golf camp? sitting in a room with 30 men who golf... YEAH thats my kinda school! plus ive seen the way you golf boys dress.. me likey!