Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Viking and some thoughts

So we have all seen them from the crazy, wacky hometown sports guy, to the "no-shirt-number painted on the chest" guy to the "fake shoulder pads" guy and then theres this guy:
If you're a sports fan and you love your team, I get that. I love my team too. But I guess you can call me a more "subtle" fan than Mr. Viking over there. Not only did he look ridiculous but he acted even worse with the "boooooooms", and the ever so popular sound of a bell going off each time his team scored...and they lost. It was great cuz they played the Bears last week, which by the way is my football team, and they won.

It was rad to see the look of defeat on a Vikings face.

So I've been blogging for about a month now and I follow a few blogs to keep me busy and I just find it neat to read about other peoples lives and hear their random thoughts. You can, for a moment detach yourself from your life and live vicariously through them or put yourself in their shoes. Its pretty neat. I never thought reading about complete strangers' life would be so interesting!

I had a moment of clarity and a reminder on a few things that I want out of my significant other. I think I'm kind of a picky person when it comes to choosing whom I date and become friends with and it comes from not wanting to settle. I realized lately that one of my "must haves" out of another person is someone who knows what they want out of life and themselves. I love spontaneity, challenge, and adventure. I laugh a lot so they need to as well. Life is all about change so I want someone who isn't afraid of change and will embrace it. I want a girl who will challenge me and who isn't afraid of challenge themselves. I was raised to love unconditionally and sometimes you feel its not worth it and don't see it right away but thats what unconditional love is, loving that person when you feel its impossible to love them.

We all have things that we want but its those things that we need that make all the difference in the world.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cool Sunset

This is just one of the many views from where I work in Del Mar. One thing I've noticed is the sunsets are much clearer in the fall. I get to see sunsets every Friday and Saturday night. And ya know, they never get old!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Postseason baseball and football

So I must say that one of my favorite times of the year is right now. Its middle October, and you got the NFL in midseason and the world series is right around the corner. As most of you dont know, I am a big sports fan and I love having them be a part in my life. They are NOT my life but a piece of it. I'm not a big fan of "sports guy", where he or she, for that matter, gets depressed when their team loses. Now, I can understand some frustration when you might have some money on the line. ;) Oh, and hey, did you notice that my capitalization and punctuation is better in this post? How do you feel about that? Give me some feedback. Do you like the periods or the ......? I'll update the poll results when they're in. :) And that brings me to another point. The words their, there and they're. Am I the only one that gets irritated when adults don't know how to use them in a sentence when they're describing something?? Just a pet peeve of mine, thats all. So I had a conversation with a friend I go to school with and we got to talking about what we're going to do after we graduate in April of next year. We both fancied the idea of continuing with school to further our education in golf and school in general. So if you're wondering whats new with Eddie from the last post, there you go! That's been on my mind as well as a few other million things ;) Ok, back to my sports and my love for this season. For the next two weeks I'll be watching baseball(even though my Angels lost) on weekday nights and football on the weekends. Now only if I had the smell of fall in the air like I did in Boise, it would be perfect! Another thing I love about this time of year is when me and some best friends would go down to Old Chicago in downtown Boise and watch baseball for two straight weeks.

So as I sit here in a coffee shop in Encinitas, CA, it reminds me of coffee shop life and working in a coffee shop. I worked at a local favorite coffee shop in Boise for 3 years during my early 20's and it was a great 3 years of my life. I worked mornings so I was off by noon at the latest everyday which allowed me to play a lot of golf and have a lot of free time. I had a rad girlfriend, who caddied for me in tournaments and it was just one of those times in my life that I look back on and just smile. I met a lot of customers, who turned into good friends and great business contacts. It was a job that required little responsibility, provided great ambiance and opened up the door for other opportunities for employment. I love looking back at fun times in my life and getting lost in that moment as if you were almost there again.

As I finish this post, have you noticed that I italicized every there, their and they're? Well if you didn't, go back and see if you can spot em out. There isn't that many ;) Ok, I guess its time for me to research some stuff about school. Enjoy your day! Goodnight now!

Friday, October 10, 2008

THE...First some respect

Ok, ok, ok....I know, I know, I know....I guess i shoulda wrote in this a long time ago but I always think of some stupid excuse not to. So here goes. My friend Kristin, started writing a blog and she begged, pleaded, and insisted that I start one too so I guess I gotta find out what I'm missing. Or I guess what you, the reader, is missing...right? Who knows. So as I sit here watching baseball I think back on what a interesting year it has been in my life. I moved to San Diego late December last year to write another chapter in my life. I came down here to become a golf professional and will finish that endeavor in APril of 2009...pretty cool eh? So if you ever need lessons or just wanna BS about golf, or even better yet, hire me, let me know. So i'm from Boise, ID and i'm used to the seasons so i'm kinda missing the crisp mornings i've grown to love. Don't get me wrong, I love it here but i do miss the seasons. And yes, i know about my punctuation and capitalization but ya know, its soooo much easier to just write without hitting shift all the damn'll live. Back to my story. I lived here before but it was different because 2 of my best friends moved with me when we were 19 so it was easy to adjust cuz they were here. I'm 28 now and came down by myself ready and excited for the adventure. I love it here but I do miss my social circle i had back home....i guess they say it takes about a year to get that social circle going in a new place...hmmm its been 10 months...guess i'm on my way....i've definitely learned a lot about myself and continue to learn stuff about myself and who im becoming as an adult...its pretty cool actually....i remember thinking when i was 18 how weird its gonna be to be "older" but i dont really feel that old....i am definitely looking forward to 30..i dont know why yet, it just sounds cool...all but 2 of my close friends are 30 so i guess i have the fever.....anyways, so i guess thats gonna be my first official entry and sign off until next time...goodnight now!