Friday, October 10, 2008

THE...First some respect

Ok, ok, ok....I know, I know, I know....I guess i shoulda wrote in this a long time ago but I always think of some stupid excuse not to. So here goes. My friend Kristin, started writing a blog and she begged, pleaded, and insisted that I start one too so I guess I gotta find out what I'm missing. Or I guess what you, the reader, is missing...right? Who knows. So as I sit here watching baseball I think back on what a interesting year it has been in my life. I moved to San Diego late December last year to write another chapter in my life. I came down here to become a golf professional and will finish that endeavor in APril of 2009...pretty cool eh? So if you ever need lessons or just wanna BS about golf, or even better yet, hire me, let me know. So i'm from Boise, ID and i'm used to the seasons so i'm kinda missing the crisp mornings i've grown to love. Don't get me wrong, I love it here but i do miss the seasons. And yes, i know about my punctuation and capitalization but ya know, its soooo much easier to just write without hitting shift all the damn'll live. Back to my story. I lived here before but it was different because 2 of my best friends moved with me when we were 19 so it was easy to adjust cuz they were here. I'm 28 now and came down by myself ready and excited for the adventure. I love it here but I do miss my social circle i had back home....i guess they say it takes about a year to get that social circle going in a new place...hmmm its been 10 months...guess i'm on my way....i've definitely learned a lot about myself and continue to learn stuff about myself and who im becoming as an adult...its pretty cool actually....i remember thinking when i was 18 how weird its gonna be to be "older" but i dont really feel that old....i am definitely looking forward to 30..i dont know why yet, it just sounds cool...all but 2 of my close friends are 30 so i guess i have the fever.....anyways, so i guess thats gonna be my first official entry and sign off until next time...goodnight now!


Jenn said...

you are dot boy. dots on your rug. dots on your chair cushion. dots on your sheets. dots in your intelligence...;-) Its good to hear your voice, in another of the many ways I already do;-) And I like the picasso touch---dots in your art. a big white 3-D dot you tend to smack good or bad, depending on the day and mood. Twistdot you later--

Far said...

Hey welcome to the wonderful world of blogging ;)

KC said...

Sheesh, DORK. I never insisted that you blogged, but now that you started, you're gonna be hooked.

P.S. YOUR mom works at WalMart.