Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So, I've been reading a few blogs here and there ever since I started blogging myself and have come across quite a few really neat blogs. Its kinda cool to live vicariously through that person or just have a different perspective of someones life different than your own. Some people have "giveaways" for reading and commenting on their blogs because, well, thats just a really nice thing to do. I compliment those people very much. When I get in the position to do the same, I will be doing the same.

Which brings me to write this post.

I consider myself a very inspired and inspirational person. I like to be inspired and to inspire people around me on a weekly if not, daily basis. It's pretty fun. I like to see people reach their full potential. I know, I know, I sound like a teacher. Go with me on this one. We all have those special moments in life where we feel inspired and feel giddy inside. Some of us write songs, go volunteer, or do whatever we feel like. The great thing about being inspired is that seeing it makes you wanna go be better. Whether it be watching a professional golfer succeed at a tournament and then next day you're at the range until dark with bleeding hands working on your own game. Or you go to a concert and see the band just rip shit up on the stage and you wanna become the next rock star. Thats the great thing about all the things in life we do and love. We see something and then we wanna do that! I remember going to my first punk show at age 15. It was July 12, 1996 and NoFX played in Boise, which is where I'm from, and it was a day that totally formed who I am today. Like I said it was my first punk show and "big" concert that I attended and I was absolutely stoked! I lost my hearing for 3 days but I didn't care. I just saw my favorite band in the world....and I wanted to do it!!! Where did I find myself my first year in high school? Yep, you guessed it, in a punk band with three of my best friends. It was probably two of the funnest years of my life.


To this day I am a singer/songwriter but have mellowed out and write most acoustically. Punk rock will always be a part of my roots but my inspiration has change to a different genre. I live in San Diego now and now and remember watching on TV all the fires that plagued southern California. Of course I had my guitar in my hand at the time and I was just super inspired to write a song about how the fires are going to affect the lives of thousands. I titled the song Embracing Change(copywright me) ha!

So, I ask you the reader, what have you done to inspire a fellow friend/co-worker/spouse or loved one, and finally....what inspires you?


Jenn said...

your blog inspires me to have ready a pie pan filled with whip cream ready to hit you when open the door! lol in love of course;-)great blog bud---actually, quite inspirational, i think i want to blog now!

you actually inspire me to start writing songs, not that my first is good, but hey its country so it doesn't have to be!

did you really have bloody hands?

Far said...

you sing?! and write?! how YOU doing!! ;)

Anonymous said...
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