Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lazy Saturday

I literally haven't done anything today. And it feels great. Its super nice outside, but I just felt like staying inside. I haven't had a Saturday to myself and college football for sometime now. I did manage to get some studying in earlier, but I've been on the couch watching football and playing guitar all day.

I saw Quantum of Solice last night with my friend Kristin and it was pretty neat.

So is anyone that belongs to 20somethingbloggers thinking about going to Boston next June for the meetup? I'm considering it but we'll see what my schedule allows. It'd be sooo cool to meet some of you peeps in Boston as I have never been there. What a great excuse to go!

This is a boring post I know, but I thought I'd kill some time to letcha all know what i'm doing. And by all I mean you 5 or so that read this. Well off to work soon. Enjoy your Saturday evenings.

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KC said...

Lookie here, a post!