Saturday, January 10, 2009

New picture every week

So I got to thinking.

A lot of people share their lives in words. Whether it be a blog, songs, poems or books, people write their thoughts down on paper and write a story. Obviously, I'm doing the same with this blog.

I thought I'd add an element to my blogging world.

I was thinking about sharing a picture a week with y'all and post it on here. I thought I'd post photos on what I'm doing and where I've been and what I've seen. I will of course write a little tid bit about the photo(where its located, what I'm doing, bob loblaw....) you get the idea. And if you know where the last part in the parentheses comes from, then you're just awesome.

With that being said...drum roll please.

The picture involves a 500 Rummy game between my father, my sister and myself. Not to mention, a coupla whiskey and cokes. This glorious event happened on Christmas night. My score is on the left, my sister in the middle and dad on the right. I grew up playing 500 Rummy with my father and was never able to beat him until a coupla years ago. Since then, he has only beat me one or two times. Looks like the torch has been passed. And God help my sister, she just cant remember what people have in their hands.(a key to winning) She doesn't stand a chance. And please note the "W" next to my score.


1 comment:

HBee said...

Ha! Nice job on the win! :)

And I like the picture a week idea!