Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Geez, Eddie, where have all the posts gone?"

Ok, I know I have been lacking on the "weekly picture posts" but I've been busy.

I went to L.A. last October for a Rancid show which was a great time. I spent about 4 hours in Hollywood goofing around before the show. And to be honest, thats a long time to be in Hollywood by yourself, let alone with a group. One can get restless quite easy. It was a cool fall afternoon while I was there so it was great hoodie weather which I sported all afternoon. And keeping with my number one rule when going to a show: never wear any clothing sporting the band that you are about to see. You just don't do it. As a title of a Rancid song, Unwritten Rules. That's what it is.

I like this pic cuz I think it's L.A. in a nutshell. Graffitti, billboards, and gates to a public parking area. Love the gate part.

Ok, I'm done. Goodbye for now.

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