Monday, January 5, 2009

Mornings with Mom

They happened Monday thru Friday while I was home. They were very simple, yet the most memorable. She ate her oatmeal while we spoke. These talks were in the car. I drove her to work. We'd cover politics, work, love and life all in about 10-15 minutes. The conversations were short but different everyday. One thing that remained the same was the mutual feeling of enjoyment of each others company. And that's all that really mattered. It was always dark outside and most of the days, the roads were covered with snow. As I pulled up to her office, the words, "See ya at 5:30" became a routine. I always looked forward to the next morning to see what new adventure awaited us.

It's funny how the little things in life such as a car ride mean the most to you and its the time you remember the most. Of course, the mornings with mom had to end because I had to leave, but the time and memory will last forever.

Thanks Mom.


Jenn D said...

a great great memoir moment bud. i loved the simple writing of it. you painted a palpable picture. just read it to mom. wiped the tear:-)
ps: i found one of those oatmeal containers in the back of mom's car the other day and now its makes me laugh reading this;-)

Shelley said...

I wish I had more moments like that with my parents... where we enjoy talking about anything and everything... good post.

Oh, and your treats are in the mail... should get there on Tuesday via UPS!

Anonymous said...

Awwwe this is very sweet!